Storage Tips

Inside view Placer Self Storage Rocklin CA

Follow these tips to ensure a successful storage experience…

  • store items you’ll need most often at the front of the unit
  • create a center aisle in larger units for access to all items
  • use protective covers (blankets, paper/moving pads, plastic covers or sheets)
  • treat wood surfaces before storing
  • pack dress clothes & draperies in wardrobe boxes
  • stack chairs seat-to-seat, store tables & dressers top-to-top
  • store mirrors and pictures on end, not flat
  • label boxes on both tops and sides, stack heavier boxes at the bottom
  • use pallets, 2×4s or plywood to keep items off concrete floor
  • drain gasoline & oil from lawn mowers and other small-engine items
  • use new, clean newsprint for packing material — it won’t stain your belongings

Please do not do any of the following….

  • Do not give out your gate code or a key to anyone you don’t want to have access to your unit. The managers do not keep track of who has a key and a gate code.
  • Do not store books in large boxes as they easily get too heavy; banker’s file boxes are great for books as the boxes will never get too heavy to lift.
  • Do not use printed newspaper as packing material; the ink will smear and stain your items.
  • Do not store food items, firearms, illicit drugs, live animals or any item that could be deemed perishable, hazardous, flammable, explosive (paint, oil, gasoline) or toxic.

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Edward Pranschke

Edward Pranschke - October 2009